Non-Executive Recruitment

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to be a UK national to apply for these roles?

A: No, you do not have to be a UK national, but you will have to provide evidence of your right to live and work in the UK.

Q: Is there an upper age limit?

A: No, there is no upper age limit.

Q: Can I become a Lay Board Member if I have a full-time job?

A: Yes, people with full-time jobs are eligible to apply but will need to demonstrate that they can meet the time commitment of this role.

Q: Can I apply for a Lay Board Member if I am no longer practising as a Barrister / Solicitor?

A: Only people considered to be lay under the definition in the Legal Services Act 2007 are eligible to apply. Therefore, anyone who has ever been authorised to practise by an approved legal services regulator (such as barristers and solicitors) are not eligible, even if they are no longer practising.

The definition of lay as given in the Legal Services Act is a person who has never:

  • Been called to the Bar or been admitted to the solicitors’ Roll in England and Wales.
  • Been an authorised person in relation to an activity which is a reserved legal activity.
  • Been a person authorised, by a person designated under section 5(1) of the Compensation Act 2006, to provide services which are regulated claims management services (within the meaning of that Act).
  • Been an advocate or solicitor in Scotland.
  • Been a member of the Bar of Northern Ireland or a solicitor of Northern Ireland.
  • Full time judges and tribunal chairs are not eligible for appointment as Lay Board Member, but lay magistrates and those who sit as lay members of tribunals are welcome to apply.

Q: What will the time commitment be for the appointment? Does this include travel and prep time?

A: The time commitment is up to 30 days per annum, but varies across the year. This is intended to also cover travel and preparation time, though it is a notional number of days only and additional time may be required.

Q: How much travel is involved?

A: Most of our meetings are in London, so the travel involved depends on the location of individual Board members Most meetings are held in person with the option for members to join virtually, but members are encouraged to attend in person when that is possible.

Q: Is this a fixed term appointment?

A: Yes, this is a fixed term appointment for up to four years. The Appointments Panel may determine to offer shorter terms, if it considers that is in the interests of the BSB. That is most likely when there is a need to ensure that the terms of a number of Board members do not conclude at the same time.

Appointments may be renewed for a second four year term, if the Chair and Vice Chair and Director General are satisfied that the Board member has performed to the standard to be expected of the office held, and that it is in the interests of the BSB.

Q: Is the role remunerated?

A: Yes, the role attracts an annual salary of £9,240.

Q: Are expenses covered and would I be responsible for booking my own travel?

A: Yes, the BSB will meet the cost of reasonable expenses (in accordance with its policy). You would be responsible for making your own travel arrangements.

Q: When and where are Board meetings usually held? Is there a schedule?

A: Board meetings are held in London. There is a draft schedule of meetings until March 2023 available (which will be confirmed in November 2021).

Q: Do I need to use a computer?

A: Yes, we would generally expect our members to be computer literate and to respond to communications via email and to be able to participate in meetings held virtually (via MS Teams or similar). We are however able to make reasonable adjustments if that is required.

Q: How much experience are you looking for?

A: We are seeking members who can demonstrate that they meet the essential competencies. We also expect the members of our Board to have sufficient judgement and integrity to inspire public confidence in our regulation and to hold the respect of the profession.

Q: Do I require any experience of working in regulation?

A: You do not require prior experience of working in regulation, but must be able to demonstrate that you meet the essential experience, knowledge and skills.

Q: What’s your policy on diversity?

A: The BSB is firmly committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion at the Bar, in the Executive and at the Board.   So we particularly welcome applications from candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Q: Can I speak to anyone at the BSB before making a formal application? 

A: Yes, you can speak to the Director General who can discuss the requirements and challenges of the role. He will not be able to make any assessment of your suitability for the role, nor advise you whether you should apply.

Q: How do I apply? 

A: Please click here.